Dress Code

Men should wear suits with tie and women should be dressed equally official.

IMUNA is a model of a parliamentary organ. International politics are simulated as precisely as possible. To create the political surroundings and the formal atmosphere among participants that is needed to reach a high level at the conference, a formal dress code will apply during the entire conference. All participants, including MUN-Directors and accompanying persons must adhere to this dress code. The IMUNA Organisation reserves the right to remove any person from the conference at any time if that person does not adhere to the formal dress code. As a result, all persons not adhering to the dress code will not be allowed in any of the forums and will under no condition be allowed to take the floor. Men should wear suits with tie and women should be dressed equally official. National dress uniforms or any national signs, clips and pins are not allowed. Sneakers, T-shirts or any other informal attire are unacceptable.



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