IMUNA 2019 - Executive Staff

Secretary-General -
Mr Moos Middelkoop

   Hello! My name is Moos Middelkoop and after spending two years as a member of the Executive Staff, I am glad to inform you that I will be the Secretary-General for this 26th edition of our conference. Together with my amazing team, I am sure that we will make IMUNA 2019 a great success. I hope to see you at our conference and that we will create some everlasting memories for you.

Deputy Secretary-General -
Ms Charlotte Roosenberg

   Hi everyone! My name is Charlotte Roosenberg and I am this year's Deputy Secretary General. I’ll be, together with Fierke, responsible for the content of IMUNA 2019. I hope to see you all at the conference this June!

Deputy Secretary-General -
Ms Fierke Koolen

   Hi everyone! My name is Fierke Koolen and after participating as a delegate at IMUNA 2018, I wanted to join this year's Executive Staff. Charlotte and I will fulfil the task of DSG together. It might be a bit unusual, but the more the merrier. I'm looking forward to seeing you at IMUNA 2019!

Financial Manager -
Ms Emma Sophie van Rijsinge

   Hi, my name is Emma Sophie van Rijsinge and this year I am the treasurer of IMUNA. After participating as a delegate during IMUNA 2018, I wanted to join the Executive Staff to make the 26th annual session of IMUNA even better. We are all looking forward to welcoming you in June and we will do our best to make the conference as pleasant as possible.

Art Director -
Ms Orfa Groen

   Hi, my name is Orfa Groen and I will be the Art Director of this year's IMUNA conference. I’ve participated as a delegate twice already and had lots of fun while doing so! I am really looking forward to the conference in June and I sincerely hope you will have just as much fun participating, as I will have organising!

Deputy Art Director
Ms Elena Elderson Nosti

   Hola! My name is Elena Elderson Nosti and I will fulfil the role of Deputy Art Director at IMUNA 2019. I will help Orfa (the Art Director) with the preparations for the conference. We will make sure that everything looks perfect! I look forward to seeing all of you at IMUNA this year!

Housing Coordinator -
Mr Sam Hendriksen

   Hello, my name is Sam Hendriksen, this is my first year being a member of the Executive staff. If you have any questions regarding the housing during IMUNA, I am the one to turn to. During the event, you can always contact me and I am always here to help. I am looking forward to seeing you all!

Head of Catering Services -
Ms Maud van Lange

   Hi! My name is Maud van Lange and this year I will fulfil the role of Head of Catering Services. I am really looking forward to organising the lunches during IMUNA! Together with my deputy Faye Bellis and our Catering Assistants, we will make it even tastier than before. I hope I will see you all at this year's IMUNA!

Deputy Head of Catering Services
Ms Faye Bellis

   Hi, I am Faye Bellis and 14 years old. I live in Barsingerhorn, a small village in Noord-Holland. This year I will fulfil the role of Deputy Head of Catering Services, after having been Catering Assistant for two years. Along with Maud van Lange, the Head of Catering Services, we take care of the lunch during IMUNA with our great team of Catering Assistants.

Head of Administrative Affairs -
Ms Nathalie Ooms

   Hello, my name is Nathalie Ooms, and I'm honoured to be the Head of Administrative Affairs of IMUNA 2019. Among other things, I'll be responsible for recruiting the admins. During IMUNA you'll see me behind the desk. Hope to see you at IMUNA!

Head of Promotions -
Mr Jan Prins

   Hello, contrary to the past two years, in which you might have got to know me as Head of Catering Services, I decided to switch function and take responsibility for more IMUNA substantive matters. As I am in my final year of high school, this IMUNA edition will be my last one. I am looking forward to welcoming you as Head of Promotions!

Head of Information Technology -
Mr Jort van Leenen

   Hello, my name is Jort van Leenen, 17 years old, and, as Head of Information Technology, I'm responsible for the website, database and any other technical aspect of the event, consider me a nerd. With no MUN-experience whatsoever, I provide IMUNA with my ICT knowledge to make sure that this part of the event goes off smoothly. I look forward to seeing you at this years IMUNA!